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The Panama Film Commission is a division under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, created to promote and facilitate the filming industry in this country by providing the producers and directors of films and television programs the support and benefits needed in order to establish new opportunities in our country.


In addition to fostering our local cinematographic and audiovisual industry, we wish to further our country´s economic growth by attracting more foreign projects and establishing studios related to the film industry.



After registering with the Panama Film Commission, the Commission can help your company obtain the following benefits:

  • A One-Stop Shop for film permits and production needs.
  • A directory of providers of equipment and services related to the film industry (location scouts, producers, makeup, catering, editing, etc.).
  • Facilitation of visas and work permits, before coming to Panama.
  • A national film and audiovisual fund to help stimulate the local Panamanian film industry.
  • Special incentives for companies that want to open permanent film facilities in Panama.
  • A Production Guide and Location Catalogue available through our website as well as in hard copy. (Available soon.)

Our bilingual staff is available to help you find the ideal location and ensure that you make the most of your production and filming in Panama. We work together with service providers, location scouts and managers as well as other government authorities and private organizations so that we can meet your project needs. We handle everything so you can focus on your production!





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