Requirements for the Film and Audiovisual Industry National Registry PDF Print

nThe checklist of all required documentation, inclusive of deadlines for the delivery of all documents to the Panama Film Commission, is provided below as a PDF attachment. Most of the documents mentioned in the checklist are additionally provided below in PDF format.

Please note that the English version can be found at the end of each PDF document.

Important Facts about Filming in Panama


  • The country of Panama requires a permit when filming on public property.
  • The country of Panama requires a road closure permit for any production that interferes with the normal flow of traffic.
  • Large, long-stay productions  filming on public property must carry a minimum of $1 million liability insurance and $100,000 workers compensation plus third party liability.
  • All productions filming in residential or commercial neighborhoods are advised to notify and provide leaflets to all the residents.


The Panama Film Commission requires the following:


  • All permits, locations and police request must come through the Panama Film Commission Office.


  • Provide a written testimonial of your film shooting experience in Panama, as part of the Impact Assessment Form, to be used on the Panama Film Commission website.


  • Provide three (3) copies of the completed product to the Panama Film Commission upon release, required exclusively for National Registry purposes.


  • Grant the Panama Film Commission the right to publish, reproduce or disseminate any and all images that you send us for promotional, statistical and economic assessment purposes.


  • Allow the Panama Film Commission to come to your set and shoot approved, behind the scenes pictures to include in the Film Commission website of your production.
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Short Stay Inscription Form
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Sworn Declaration Background
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