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IBERMEDIA is a Latin American Program designed to provide funding to IberoAmerican films. The program provides funding to the following projects: Development; Co-productions; Delivery, Distribution and Exhibition; Fostering of Ideas and Networking. It is comprised of 19 IberoAmerican countries including Panama. The Panama Film Commission and SER-TV are the two representative groups from Panama that participate in IBERMEDIA and solicit funds for national projects.


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CINERGIA is a regional organization that provides funds to cinematographic projects in Central America and the Caribbean. Many Panamanian films and Panamanian film related events (such as film festivals and film study scholarships) have had funding provided by CINERGIA.


Fundacion TEOR/éTica Audiovisual:


Fundacion TEOR/éTica Audiovisual is a program dedicated to funding cinematographic projects that lie within videoart and experimental cinema for the region of Central America and the Carribbean.


Programa DOCTV IB:

DOCTV IB is a program for the development of audiovisual production and TV distribution of Iberoamerican documentaries. The Program is an initiative of the Conference of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Authorities of Iberoamerica.


Alternative funding solutions:


  1. Sundance Institute Documentary Fund. For more information please visit:
  2. Sundance Labs offer grants, education and mentoring for sales of finished projects.
  3. The Norwegian Film Institute and the Oslo Films from the South Festival have announced a Norwegian South Film Fund (€500,000) available for 2012 to fund productions from developping countries.
    Strong artistic content and a high degree of of cultural identity in the project is essential. Directors and Producers are encouraged to apply to the Films from the South Festival forum by the 15th of August where applying directors/producers can meet with potential Norwegian co-producers. The first deadline for application to the fund will be the 15th of December and a Norwegian co-producer is required. For more information please visit:
  4. Online Film Financing Application for Audiovisual Professionals - an application that will centralize the entirety of audiovisual funding programmes available in Europe and where producers will be able to conduct targeted searches according to teh detailed criteria of their projects. For more information please visit:
  5. Crowd Funding or Crowd Financing. Do not underestimate the potential of this great funding opportunity. Crowd Funding describes the process whereby artists or filmmakers seek monetary support from their fans. Social media tools aid in the fund collection and filmmakers can provide opportunities for fans to fund the film in exchange for certain benefits such as becoming an extra in the film, etc. For more information about specific crowd financing platforms please feel free to contact the Panama Film Commission.

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