Documentary Title: Going South – Cycling Through the Americas (2010) Milan Collin, General Manager, Deepeei Film Productions, Amsterdam, Netherlands PDF Print



There are many awe-inspiring places to film in Panama, but for us there would be none other than: El Mirador del Puente de las Américas (the lookout point of the Bridge of the Americas).


Just before El Mirador del Puente de las Américas, we met up with our two cyclers who had been on the road for the past eight months cycling down from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. They were part of our adventurous, green, cycling documentary, "Going South" and here (at the Puente de las Americas), their epic journey would finally come to an end.

Victor Barriga, "Quantum of Solace" James Bond feature film (2008) Production Manager in Panama City and Colon City for 12 weeks. PDF Print


Filming a James Bond movie is always a challenge and we fully surpassed it in Panama. It was the biggest blockbuster to be shot in Panama. Panamanians are really enthusiastic by the idea of cinema and glamour, which makes logistics really easy with the government and public in general. We worked hard and also enjoyed the process, but most importantly we did it on schedule. Because of Panama`s great geographic diversity, we were able to film two completely different sequences of the movie, in Panama City as La Paz, Bolivia and in Colon City as Haiti.
We contracted more than 350 professionals as crew from the Panamanian film industry, all of which performed a great job.


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