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Los Colores de la Montaña 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Los Colores de la Montaña (The Colors of the Mountain). 2011. Directed by Carlos Cesar Arbelaez. (Feature Film.) 94 mins. Spanish with English Subtitles. An El Bus Producciones and Jaguar Films co-production (Colombia-Panama).


Synopsis: An unbreakable tie unites Manuel, Julian and Poca Luz, three young country boys and best friends at school. One day while playing soccer, their new ball –an object which represents their dreams and a blissful escape from reality – accidentally ends up in a mining field. The boys try every means possible to try and rescue their beloved soccer ball and throughout the course of this adventure they are forced to grow up. The film is a look at friendship from the sometimes innocent but mostly clear and uncomplicated perspective of children.


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Empleadas y Patrones (Maids & Bosses). 2010. Directed by Abner Benaim. (Mid-length Documentary.) 64 mins. Spanish with English subtitles. An Apertura Films and Barakacine production. 


Synopsis: Through the very peculiar relations between several live-in housemaids and their employers, Maids and Bosses evaluates human relations between social classes in Latin America. Rich and poor, under the same roof, share a big part of their life, and very complex emotional relations surge. Despite their physical proximity, maids and bosses are separated by an invisible socio-economical barrier. In this creative documentary, the class divide and its implications is approached from an intimate, personal point of view, focusing on those who choose to, or not, look each other in the eyes and accept each other as equals. (Source:


Screened at:

  • International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA). Mid-length Documentary category. Nov. 19 2010.
  • DOCSBARCELONA. Closing Ceremony Film.
  • HOT DOCS- Canadian International Documentary Festival. Toronto, Canada. April 26- May 6 2011.
  • London International Documentary Festival (LIDF). London. 13 May - 28 May 2011 .
  • III Encuentro de Documentalistas Latinoamericanos y del Caribe Siglo XXI. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2011.



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wata (2010). Directed by Enrique Castro Ríos y Ana Endara Mislov (Short Film/ Fiction). 13 mins. Spanish with English subtitles.


Synopsis: A woman struggles to survive an apocalyptic drought in the company of her rumble fish, her remaining link to the memory of the girl she lost to this drought. (source:


Fresh water is the life-blood of our planet, yet this essential biological resource is scarce and constitutes only 3% of Earth's water. Without it, life cannot sustain itself.  From the Middle East to Africa to the Americas, wars and rumors of war loom ominously as nations and corporations position themselves to control this ever-dwindling vital resource. This specter of war provides a haunting backdrop to an extraordinary short film, Wata, by Enrique Castro Ríos. While sounds of war reverberate outside, a woman trapped in a house choreographs and mirrors a lone, beautiful fish trapped in a bowl. As if in a dream, she submerges herself in water, thirsting for a missing child. These contrasting images of mother and child, bound together by water and punctuated by gunfire, sound a lyrical yet urgent alarm that portends a future of violent water wars or raises hope that together we can avert a coming drought. (William Wcislo, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)

 Screened at:

  • 13 Festival Ícaro de Cine y Video. Guatemala. November 2010. Won the Best Short Fiction Film of Central America.
  • Segundo Encuentro de Cine Iberoamericano. Panama. October 2010.
Burwa Dii Ebo (2008) PDF Print E-mail

BURWA DII EBO (2008). Directed by Veronica Bollow & the Igar Yala Collective. (Feature Film/Fiction.) 100 mins.  Kuna & Spanish with English subtitles.

Burwa Dii Ebo (The Wind and the Water) is a Panamanian feature film about two Kuna indian teenagers who are confronted with the complexity of their world and the identity struggles of cultural difference.

Chance (2010) PDF Print

Chance (2010). Directed by Abner Benaim. (Feature Film/Fiction.) 90 mins. Color. Spanish and English with English subtitles. An Apertura Films and Rio Negro production.






This Panamanian comedy tells the story of Toña and Paquita, the long-mistreated maids for the aristocratic González-Dubois family, who have grown tired their situation, and decide to turn the tables on their employer.


Screened at:

  • Iberoamericano Film Festival, Huelva, Spain
  • Habana Film Festival, Cuba
  • Guadalajara International film Festival, Mexico
  • Chicago Latino Film Festival, USA
  • Moscow International Film Festival, Russia


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